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Memorial Designer

What is the pricing structure and upgrade options?

The Memorial Designer can easily be upgraded to a higher level package at anytime. When upgrading to a higher package, you simply just pay the price difference between packages. Memorial Designer pricing can be found here.

What are the Memorial Designer technical requirements?

Before purchasing the Memorial Designer, we recommend you verify that you have the following technical requirements:
  • Computer
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer or Mozilla Web Browser
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Color Printer
  • Scanner (Optional)

Does the Memorial Designer support multiple granite companies?

Yes, the Memorial Designer supports up to 10 granite suppliers. Once the designer is open, you may freely choose which supplier’s designs and components you wish to view.

Why doesn't my copy/paste work when I have a monument open?

While the Memorial Designer is open, the copy/paste function is disabled. Once you close the Memorial Designer, the copy/paste function is re-enabled.

What happens when I Save and Submit a memorial design?

When a Save and Submit is performed, participating granite companies will receive the design and all design elements electronically similar to an email. This would be the equivalent of mailing or faxing the items separately. However, it simplifies the process greatly by packaging everything needed with the design into a single location.
Websites and Hosting

Can I upgrade my current website without buying a new website?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing website. The cost will vary on which elements of the existing layout are used.

How do I transfer my website to your services?

An existing website can easily be transferred by giving us a call. We will need the phone number of your current web hosting company and the domain name of your website (example: www.yourcompany.com). Additional fees may apply to transferring database items such as obituaries.

Is there any minimum contract length required?

There is no minimum contract length with any of our products or services.

Can I prepay for months in advance?

We have very flexible payment options. Payments may be made monthly or annually. We also allow for automatic credit card payment and e-checks.

How do I get my website higher up on Google's search results?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of several factors within your website and how your website links to other websites. Our team has several years of search engine optimization experience to help your website achieve optimal search rankings. Each member of Funeral Innovations is added to our directory, which greatly helps your website's search engine optimization as we continue to grow.
Obituaries & Memorials

How do I install the Obituaries into my existing website?

Our Obituaries and Memorials can be installed into your existing website in minutes. If we are your web hosting provider, just give us a call and we will perform the installation. If you are using another web hosting provider, instructions can be found here.

Will the obituaries and memorials be available on search engines?

Yes, each obituary and memorial can be found through search engines. This is a unique feature of our offering to help families easily find the service information and share memorials of their loved ones.

How do I transfer my current obituaries?

Transferring obituaries depends on which web hosting provider you are using. If we are your web hosting provider, we will transfer the obituaries at no charge. If you are using another hosting provider, charges may incur for the transfer.

How do I edit the contents of a Memorial?

Memorial tributes, virtual candles, pictures, and all elements may easily be changed. To edit a memorial:
  • Login to Funeral Innovations.
  • Select Obituaries
  • Select Edit under Actions for the desired obituary name.
  • The memorial password can be found on the bottom of the page. Copy the memorial password.
  • Return to the previous listing page.
  • Select View Memorial for the desired obituary.
  • Select Edit on the right side of the memorial.
  • Enter the password and navigate to any page to edit.

Can I add tribute videos and funeral services to Memorials?

Yes, tribute videos and funeral service can be added to any memorial. A copyright agreement is required prior to posting tribute videos. Once uploaded, each will be available for visitors to purchase.

How do I add Galleries to my website?

Our Galleries can be installed into your existing website in minutes. If we are your web hosting provider, just give us a call and we will install them. If you are using another web hosting provider, instructions can be found here.

Will the Galleries work with my existing website?

Yes, our Galleries are compatible with any website and any hosting provider.

How do I manage the images I have in my gallery?

Managing your images can easily be done by the following steps:
  • Login to Funeral Innovations
  • Select Website
  • Select Galleries
  • Choose the desired gallery
  • You may add, delete, or edit any images shown.

How do I retrieve my username and/or password?

To retrieve your username and password click here and an email will be sent with your username and a newly generated password.

How do I change my password?

If you do not know your password, click here to reset it.
If you know your password and need to change it, perform the following steps:
  • Login to Funeral Innovations
  • Select Profile
  • Select ‘Click here to change your password’
  • Enter your current password and desired password
  • Click Change

How do I edit my address and account information?

Your address and account information can be easily changed by performing the following steps:
  • Login to Funeral Innovations
  • Select Profile
  • Edit any information you wish to change
  • Click Update Profile